On reading

One of the major goals of READ Alliance is to build a multi stakeholder alliance of entities working towards improved early reading in the country. Towards that end, we have created a repository of reading interventions that are developing and implementing solutions to address different challenges of reading through tailored programs that offer training and support for teachers, guardians, schools and communities. 

You can search for interventions by region or by the specific challenge that it addresses. If you come across any unique reading intervention; do get in touch at [email protected] or [email protected].

Reading Programs Worldwide

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  • Mother-tongue instruction
  • Teacher Training
  • Diagnosis
  • Teaching Learning Material
  • E-learning
  • Reading Assessment

Publications & Research

This is a reserve of knowledge and expertise from academicians and people working on ground, people who have been dedicatedly studying subjects related to early reading and primary education such as pedagogies of teaching and learning reading, on socio economic and cultural factors that define a child’s ability to read, on policies of primary education, among many other topics. 

Access this knowledge here by author, topic, publishing date and country to see the related research material. Drop in a line to us at [email protected] or [email protected] if you come across any interesting research or article on early reading:

  • Avinash Pandey
  • Amber Grove
  • Anna Wetterberg
  • Anurima Chatterjee
  • Anne E. Cunningham
  • Ashok Joshi
  • Amita R. Chudgar
  • Aasma Khandekarb
  • Brij Kothari
  • Benjamin Piper
  • Barry Fishman
  • British Council
  • Barry Zuckermana
  • Carmen Strigel
  • Carol McDonald Connor
  • Christopher Schatschneider
  • Dunston Kwayumba
  • David K. Dickinson
  • DFID
  • Elizabeth C. Crowe
  • Eileen McGivney
  • Frederick J. Morrison
  • Global Partnership For Education
  • Demo
  • IIM-A
  • Joe Takeda
  • John A. Maluccio
  • Julie A. Griffith
  • Jessica Ball
  • Jamie Zibulsky
  • Kathy Hirsh Pasek
  • Karen Macours
  • Keerti Jayaram
  • Leigh L. Linden
  • Mia D. Callahan
  • MIT
  • Maria Katsipataki
  • Pranav Kothari
  • Priya Shankar
  • Professor Steven Higgins
  • Roberta Michnick Golinkoff
  • Rebecca Winthrop
  • Swini Garimella
  • Stephanie Simmons Zuilkowski
  • Stephanie Al Otaiba
  • Tathagata Bandyopadhyay
  • The Health & Education Advice & Resource Team
  • Todd J. Kumler
  • Tania Barham
  • The william and flora hewlett foundation
  • Timothy P. Williams
  • UNESCO Institute For Statistics
  • Venkat Srinivasan
  • ZhiMin Xiao

Tools & Training

  • Early learning tools. The Center for Education Innovations has compiled some of the most prominent research on topics such as 1) targeted instruction, 2) teacher coaching, 3) mother tongue instruction and 4) parent-child interaction in the Early Learning Toolkit. This toolkit is a practical, online interface open for anyone seeking to improve student learning in the developing world.
  • Teaching learning aids: KAU DAKE KA: A Fun Workbook for Children, Primary Teaching and Learning Programme (PTLP), Anibooks for early grade reading, Kadam- Step-up Program Workbook.
  • Assessment tools: Early grade reading diagnostic tool, ASER Reading Tool.
  • Teacher training tools.