Early Reading

Reading during the early juncture of life enhances and stimulates intellectual development, harboring scholastic achievements for all round development in a child. India being a heterogeneous society has varying degrees of access to education and literary cultures. The last decade and a half saw intensification of primary education; however challenges still linger pertaining reading.

Improving reading skills
Source : QUEST
On Early Reading

Acquiring early reading abilities consists of a series of processes and component skills for a child, which is fluid and continuous.

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Systemic challenges

There are systemic challenges in the area of primary education that impact reading skills.

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Reading material

Numerous commendable interventions in the area of early reading have come from the private, public and not for profit sectors, often working in collaborations with each other.

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News, Updates

Same Language Subtitling for Learning
Same Language Subtitling for Learning22nd June 2016

A book is a reading experience that can travel in print and other audio-visual media. Read the full article here

The READ Alliance

In leading the READ Alliance program, Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS) with support from U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID) seeks to develop a powerful multi stakeholder platform which brings together funds, infrastructure, knowledge and experience from diverse sectors thus devising ecology of solutions for the challenge in early reading.

About Us

The READ Alliance is a new approach towards developing partnership that will bring together the public, private and not for profit sectors in inventive and imaginative ways in order to address early reading challenge. We adopt an innovation driven approach to strengthen the reading skills of primary school age children in India.

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Fostering reading
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We at the READ Alliance pursue a bold new approach to partnerships and innovation which can bring about developmental changes to enhance early childhood reading. Through our multi-stakeholder platform, we foster and support innovation-driven and user-centric approaches to unlock a child's reading potential. We aim to stimulate increased attention, resources, and efforts to improve the reading skills of at least one million Indian primary school age children over the next five years and deepen the culture of reading in India.

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meaningful associations

The READ Alliance aims to foreground and explain the nature of the challenge to new stakeholders, and then including them in a constructive and productive dialogue around how they might work together and bring their collective resources for scalable impact.

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Building child’s potential
Source : QUEST

The READ Alliance aims to identify breakthrough innovations that strengthen the reading skills and evaluate solutions which meet the need in a most cost-effective manner. An understanding of the social, political, and cognitive frameworks that impact reading abilities in children is crucial since it is through such lenses that we can develop and scale innovations that impact these frameworks.

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