ABC- All about Comprehension

Last but not the least in the series is text comprehension. Comprehensioninvolves being able to connect what has been read to what the reader knows, constructing meaning that is reasonable and accurate and then, examining this information until the meaning is understood.

All the components of reading assessment are inter-connected to each other, especially when it comes to fluency and comprehension. A non-fluent reader puts large amount of efforts in reading a text and by the time he/she finishes it, he or she may forget what the sentence was even about. Comprehension is blocked because the process of decoding words takes so much time and effort. By contrast, a fluent reader reads in smooth and continuous phrases which the brain can retain and comprehend what is read.

10 Hindi Learning Apps

On 14th September 1949, Hindi was chosen as the official (not national) language of India as it has the maximum number of Hindi speaking population in the world. In order to promote Hindi, it is taught as the compulsory subject in each and every school in India and as we know we are in the digitization era, we have a list of some interesting Hindi learning apps that are ideal for students and teachers.

“Successful Ed-Tech solutions deliver big at scale, cost and effectiveness”- Dr. Brij Kothari

Dr. Brij Kothari, President PlanetRead Ofall the skills that an educational system aims to impart in primary education, reading skills are arguably one of the most critical ones. Without a good foundation in this most elemental skill, the quality of the entire educational system is severely compromised. The quality of reading determines the quality of determines the quality of education.